Disputes are costly, emotional, time-consuming and, like an unexpected tax bill, always unwelcome.

Unfortunately, any commercial enterprise would, undoubtedly, face some form of dispute from time to time.

These may include customer disputes (deliverables have not been provided, projects have not been completed, disputed pricing terms and non-payment or incorrect payment), labour disputes (CCMA and disciplinary actions) and disputes with directors, shareholders, landlords, tenants, suppliers and business partners.

The ferocity of a dispute is normally determined by the relationships of the parties and, more often than not, they are more fierce when the dispute is between close business partners, co-founders and shareholders.

Our experience is that parties in dispute may cause irreparable harm to their relationship and that the outcomes rarely serve the interests of all the parties concerned and, even less so, the interest of the underlying business.

We believe in resolving disputes, to preserve business and business relationships and to find pragmatic commercial solutions to all parties concerned.

Maturity and independence are the foundations of this Shimazu service offering and we have a proven track record in local and international dispute resolution and mediation.

We assist our Clients by providing advice, strategy, engagement, mediation, representation and settlement assistance throughout the various stages of the dispute process.

We prefer to avoid litigation, however, where litigation is the only remaining option, we are able to provide access to specialist litigators, at our associated firms, for further assistance.

A dispute is more effectively managed if either of the parties seek advice during the early stages of a dispute.  Early engagement also greatly improves the chances of early settlement and will further assist in mitigating the adverse impact on the business and the relationship of the disputing parties.

We look forward to assisting you with all the support that you require through your dispute and beyond.  We invite you to refer your dispute to Shimazu today.

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