You have worked hard to build your wealth, however, ineffective management or inaccuracies may erode that wealth over a period of time.

We often find that clients have placed high-value assets in trust structures which are not managed properly or at all.  Trusts should be managed proactively to ensure alignment with the latest tax legislation and the ever-changing needs of its respective beneficiaries.

Furthermore, we have also found that many high nett worth clients do not have a current will, which have been prepared by a professional, or, if they have one, the location, edition and accuracy of the will is always highly contentious.

Shimazu Fiduciary provides will drafting services, will retention services, trust management services and trust consulting services.

Although every Client may utilise the aforementioned services, trust management services have specifically been formulated for trusts with an assent value, of at least, 30 Million Rand.

Our consultants are all legally qualified and have been admitted as attorneys.

We provide our Clients with ease of administration, peace of mind and control of their most valuable assets, during this life, and thereafter.

Please speak to one of our consultants today or send an enquiry to and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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