If you already have an internal legal team, then you have taken the right step towards proactive legal support.

More often than not, these internal legal teams provide great work, however, their attention may be divided amongst various diversified departments, products, business models, transactions and litigation.  We all know that effective prioritising in a shared services environment is nearly impossible.

If you need focused legal support for any specific project, transaction, strategy, policy, product, service or roll-out, then our onsite service is the right solution for you.

We can provide legal counsels to fill your need for short term assignments (secondments), for a fixed period, for agreed number of hours, located onsite anywhere in South Africa.

We have legal counsels available with various areas of expertise to match your requirements and we are extremely flexible in this regard.

The following, however, is not negotiable:

  • focus, planning and attitude to support the Customer’s growth;
  • great personal fit for the Customer;
  • a weekly feedback session with a Shimazu Director;
  • high quality of service to the Customer;
  • we remain the employer/ contractor of all legal counsels;
  • we perform the necessary checks and manage performance issues; and
  • we require respect for our legal counsels.

Onsite resources still have access to other experts, templates and advice, within our company, to support the success of their respective assignments.

We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your onsite requirements today.

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