Whether you are a director, executive, business owner or aspiring interplanetary conqueror, some form of legal training is essential to your success.

The challenge is that most legal training is long and does not relay the message in plain language which is accessible to everyone.

The majority of legal training out there expects the learner to think like an attorney and remember all kinds of legal jargon and Latin concepts.  The legalese also tend to be excessive and the price tag almost always on the expensive side of town.

There is a need for accessible, easy-to-understand legal training at an affordable price and we aim to offer you exactly that.

We have heard the call and developed SharkTank™ legal training.


  • is 100% online;
  • is specifically aimed at you (the aspiring, non-legal professional, Shark);
  • is practical;
  • uses every-day language;
  • will take 30 minutes to complete;
  • is cost-effective; and
  • will earn you a certificate on completion.

How does it work?

  1. Click on a training thumbnail below;
  2. Enroll for the training online;
  3. Pay using your credit card;
  4. Receive login details via email; and
  5. Start learning!

Our current training modules:

Basic Contract Structures for Executives Vol 1










You can also follow the link to the training module at:

You will learn about why we contract, how we contract, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Master Service Agreements, Statements of Work and Subcontracts from an executive perspective, what they are, how they work and what to look out for!

What is next?

We are developing further modules and would appreciate your suggestions regarding future topics or interests.  After all, the training was specifically developed for you!

Your comments can be sent to and we will be in contact.  It is our intention to address every concern and reply to every comment which we receive.  We will be delighted to hear from you and, as a customer, we value your input considerably.

You can also visit our facebook page at:

Welcome to the SharkTank™ and happy learning!

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