As a business owner, entrepreneur or executive, you have to be able to make accurate and effective decisions on a daily, and even hourly, basis.  Access to a team of experts, whether internal or external, is paramount to your success and the success of your business enterprise.

Shimazu’s consulting business is the cornerstone of our enterprise and we consider ourselves to be part of your team.

Our growth in consulting can be attributed to immersion in our Clients’ respective businesses.  It is the only proven approach to successfully provide our Clients with advice that is relevant and practical to their immediate needs, strategies and ventures.

We are there when the idea is born and developed and we are there when it is finally implemented.  For a legal consultant, there is nothing more rewarding!

There are many areas to consider and we have engaged subject-matter experts to consult in the following areas of law: Commercial, Technology, Intellectual Property, Labour Law, Fiduciary, Corporate and Transaction.

We are qualified to consult, review and draft commercial documentation to assist our Clients with various forms of transactions, including:

  • Customized agreements;
  • Template agreements;
  • Draft correspondence;
  • Policies and Procedures;
  • Employee Engagements;
  • Retrenchments;
  • Joint Ventures and Franchising;
  • Buy and sell;
  • Share sales;
  • Must-Win Proposals;
  • Disclaimers and Waivers;
  • Credit terms;
  • Warranties and Guarantees; and
  • Terms and Conditions.

Our opinions tend to be more towards the business side, with a “we suggest the following course of action” as opposed to a purely legal: “this is what the law says and that is that”-approach.

It will be our absolute pleasure to become part of your team and to play our part in the success of your business.

Our team of professionals are ready to provide you with the right support at the right time and we look forward to meeting you today.

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