We all know that there are inherent risks in doing business.

As a business owner, entrepreneur or executive you can manage or mitigate many of these risks, however, what can you do when your factory burns to the ground or the vehicle carrying your largest order to date never reaches its destination?

We at Shimazu apply a holistic approach to risk management and believe that adequate commercial insurance is critical to manage the risks which you are not willing to accept or which you are unable to off-set through negotiation.

The following are examples of typical commercial cover:

  • Equipment Cover;
  • Loss & Profit Cover;
  • Fleet Cover;
  • Goods in Transit Cover;
  • Product Liability;
  • Professional Indemnity Cover;
  • Directors and Officers Liability; and
  • Cyber liability insurance.

It can be a daunting task to determine which product is best suited for your business, if the cover is sufficient and if the premium is competitive.  Not to mention the policy terms, exclusions and the notorious fine print!

Furthermore, all cover should be reviewed at regular intervals or, at the very least, when your circumstances change.

Shimazu has engaged broker consultants to assist our Clients with advice on their insurance risks and the most suitable products that are available to mitigate those risks.

You will appreciate that our broker consultants will only be able to assist you if they have a comprehensive understanding of your business operations and its associated risks.   A thorough and confidential consultative process is the only way to ensure that your business is adequately protected.

All consultations will be facilitated by a Shimazu representative and broker consultant from a brokerage registered with the Financial Services Board/ Financial Services Conduct Authority.

For a free consultation, please send your contact information to and we will make the necessary arrangements.

We look forward to assisting you with your commercial insurance requirements.

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