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Super fast electronic contracts for the digital age

It is a fact that traditional paper-based contracts are too slow to match the speed of business.  These documents need to be prepared by lawyers, sent to the other party, reviewed, amended, returned, negotiated, amended, returned, reviewed, printed, signed by hand, scanned, returned and signed by the other party.  Businesses in the digital age require a radical improvement to their every-day contracting process.  Pulsar aims to do exactly that!


What are the benefits of using Pulsar:

Standard contract templates prepared by attorneys, Electronic prompts to help you complete your contracts; 100% electronic, Average of 8 minutes to complete a transaction, Online workflow to submit the document to the other party, Electronic signatures used to complete the signing process; Documents cannot be edited by any party; One fixed fee per transaction;



How does Pulsar work?


Pick your contract

Follow the prompts for information

You sign the contract electronically


Easy online payment by credit card

Your contract is automatically sent to the other party, the other party opens the email, reads the contract and accepts

A copy of the signed contract is automatically sent to each party by email for record purposes



Pick from the following contracts


NDA Contracts

MSA Contracts

Statement of Work Contracts




What is next?


We are developing further contracts and would appreciate your suggestions regarding future transactions and template agreements. After all, Pulsar was specifically developed for you!

Your comments can be sent to info@shimazu.co.za and we will be in contact. It is our intention to address every concern and reply to every comment which we receive. We will be delighted to hear from you and, as a customer, we greatly value your input.